Usually, this website talks about mostly basic, and even retro phones. However, one of the most-anticipated Smartphones of the last few years has sparked a lot of attention lately and buyers are wondering if it is a purchase worthy of all the high praised reviews and significant money outlay. For Smartphone lovers it could very […]


If you’re someone who loves the simplicity and compact design of an up-to-date flip phone that, although quite retro in its design by today’s standards, still has it’s fair share of bells and whistles to keep the user entertained, you will more than likely get along well with this upgraded flip phone. The Samsung GT-C3590 […]


Monopod Selfie Sticks are all the rage at the moment. Everyone just loves taking pictures of themselves! Holding the phone at arm’s length just doesn’t cut it anymore. To be fair, they do make it a lot easier to take pictures. More convenience and better image stabilization make the sticks a good purchase when you […]


If you’ve been coming here often, or just happened to scan the theme of this website, you would have noticed that we love old school phones. And what better phone would there be to buy right now other than the Nokia Brick! Also known as the Nokia 3310. Renowned the world over for its toughness, […]