If you’ve been coming here often, or just happened to scan the theme of this website, you would have noticed that we love old school phones. And what better phone would there be to buy right now other than the Nokia Brick! Also known as the Nokia 3310. Renowned the world over for its toughness, […]


The Nokia 1100 is one of the best mobile phones that Nokia have ever produced. This is evident by how many of this model phone Nokia have sold worldwide. Hundreds of millions of Nokia 1100 phones have been sold worldwide. Of course, the quantities sold per year have dropped dramatically since the Smartphone age has dawned […]


There are lots of up to date mobile phones to choose from when it comes to the cheap basic phones of today. There’s no shortage of excellent budget priced Samsung’s and Nokia’s for sale starting from as cheap as £10 brand new. But step back in time and do a little Google searching and you […]


If you want basic, tough, reliable, and cheap in the same sentence when looking for a mobile phone it has to be either one of the budget Nokia’s or Samsung’s. If you’re looking for the cheapest but best value for money phone that’s really easy to use it would have to be the Samsung E1200 […]