Nokia-105-Blue-Mobile-PhoneIf you want basic, tough, reliable, and cheap in the same sentence when looking for a mobile phone it has to be either one of the budget Nokia’s or Samsung’s. If you’re looking for the cheapest but best value for money phone that’s really easy to use it would have to be the Samsung E1200 or E1080i. If you don’t mind spending an extra £5 and getting a phone with a few more features and an even better battery life than the Samsung E1200 then the Nokia 105 is a fairly good choice. Battery life is excellent. Talktime and standby times really are super long. This is due to the 800 mAh battery that the Nokia 105 comes with, which is similar to the one used in many of the cheaper Samsung Phones, which also have super battery life.

Brand New Nokia 105-BLACK DUAL SIM (Unlocked) Dust Free Mobile Phone Cheap Basic

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Brand New Nokia 105-BLACK (Unlocked) Dust Free Mobile Phone Cheap Basic Sim Free

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The Nokia 105 has a really good torch feature. With this phone Nokia have gone back to basics and put the old but very effective LED light back into the top of the phone just like they used to have on the older, now retro phones. It’s a great method, and much better than the torch feature on the Samsung phones in the same price range, which is basically the screen turned totally white.

The Nokia 105 also has a built-in radio and the convenient 3.5mm jack for headphones etc (Not included). It also has 8 MB of built-in memory, clock, alarm, loudspeaker, calendar and some games. One of which is the super popular old school game – Snake that also used to be on the older Nokia phones. The 105 has a hard-wearing keypad and decent (65K) colour screen. It does not have a camera or Bluetooth. But should we really expect it to beings that it costs under twenty pounds.

This phone is SIM free and open to all networks. It should work fine with most, if not all of the major UK phone Networks. It can even work with a 3G SIM card but won’t be able to use certain, more advanced features like the Internet etc. Basic Calling and texting should work fine. This is an excellent, no frills phone that does the basics really well. If you’re looking for a low-priced mobile phone to have as a back up / second phone, or you’re not into smartphones and want something simple and easy to use this phone is great.

However, where this phone falls flat on its face lies with its SAR Level. The SAR Level of the Nokia 105 is a massive 1.48 W/kg. That is high considering that this is a basic phone with not many features. 1.48 W/kg is, in some cases over double the SAR Level of a lot of the budget Samsung phones. For a few it’s closer to triple. For this reason I would probably go for a Samsung instead to be honest. Either the E1080i or E1200. Reviews for all phones mentioned here are great. Take your pick, any one of them will serve you well. I just prefer a lower SAR level, and frankly you should too.

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