Samsung-E1080i-Mobile-PhoneFrom reading through some the bad reviews on the Samsung GT E1080i, and one thing that keeps coming up time and time again are people having problems with certain features of the phone. Most of the reviews for this phone are excellent.

The phone is worthy of good reviews as it is a very good phone for the price. However, there is some confusion among buyers with a few of the features. Hopefully this post will help sort some of those common problems out.

Common problems that users are finding confusing.

Problem: Occasionally switches off overnight:

Fix: Turn off power saving mode as this can make the phone turn itself off automatically when not in use for a number of hours. Click OK to go to the main menu. Click Settings > Display > Power Saving Mode > Click Off and press save.

Problem: Cant turn off predictive text when trying to send text:

Fix: Turn off the T9 predictive text dictionary by pressing and holding down the hash key whilst on the writing a text screen. If this doesn’t work try just pressing the hash key a few separate times until it disables predictive text.

Problem: Fake call doesn’t work: How to activate a fake call.

To activate a fake call just press and hold the down position on the navigation pad until you see the “fake call activated” text show up on the screen. You can also set how long you want the phone to wait before the fake call starts ringing. To do this press OK to go to the main menu > click Settings > Application > Call > Fake Call > Click Fake call timer and set the duration you want. Now all you need to do when you want to activate the fake call is press and hold down on the Navigation pad for two seconds.

The navigation pad is the four directional buttons that surround the OK button in the middle of the phone, in case your unsure! And that’s it, depending on how long you set the timer for the phone will ring after the timer has counted down. If you want to use the Fake call when the keypad is locked just press down on the Navigation pad four times one after the other and that will activate the Fake call to be enabled.

What is the Samsung GT E1080i Radiation SAR Level? The maximum SAR recorded for the Samsung E1080i was 0.645 Watts Per Kilogram (0.64 W/kg). This is a very low SAR level and this phone actually falls nicely into the middle of the top ten list for the lowest SAR level mobile phones in 2011 (Still a low-level in 2015). I should also add that 0.64W/kg was the highest SAR recorded for the E1080i, and most of the time the SAR level from normal use will be considerably lower than this.

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