Vodafone-Smart-4-Mini-Android-PhoneVery cheap, exclusive to Vodafone android mini Smartphone. If you want a cheap mobile phone that has lots of features but you can’t afford, or just don’t want an iPhone or something with a high price tag, then the Vodafone Smart 4 Mini is a really good choice for the price. It even looks a bit like an iPhone! It has a lot of features, so for £35 it is a real bargain. Reviews are excellent. So what can it do and what’s under the hood..

Well it has a 4 inch screen with great resolution for this cheap price, a fast 1.3 GHz Dual core processor, Android 4.2.2 (Jellybean), 3G compatible, 512mb RAM, 4GB internal storage, Android 4.2.2 (Runs really well), MicroSD slot, MP3/MP4 Player, Radio, 3MP camera, Touchscreen, 3.5mm headphone jack, loudspeaker, Bluetooth, Google Play, Facebook and Twitter Pre-Installed, and it comes with a Vodafone PAYG sim card. That might change any day soon but to buy a PAYG Vodafone SIM card for this phone only costs £0.01 anyway. So no big deal.

The Smart 4 also has built-in WiFi, which by accounts of many customer reviews is pretty good. It also has built-in GPS so using things like map apps is possible with this phone. The Vodafone Smart 4 Mini can take up to a 32GB memory card but a few reviewers state that they put in larger MicroSD cards, one user put in a 128GB card and it worked fine. Battery life is decent depending on how much you use the phone in terms of running many apps and programs, 3G etc. It looks, operates, and performs like a £70+ phone.

Want this phone but not on the Vodafone network? It can be unlocked for £0.99. Excellent phone for the price. Available in Black or White. The SAR level for such a feature rich smart phone is also good at 0.66 W/kg. Great as a cheap upgrade or gift.

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